Flatbed Truck Trailers

FlatBed Semi-trailers belongs to the Terminal Logistic Equipment Can be made for 20 feet and 40 feet or 45 feet or other special dimension container’s transportation,With Plat Loading forms Can also belongs to the Dry Logistic equipment for normal cargos.

From 2 axles to 4 axles or more , with capacity from 20T to 80T to fit all the bad working conditions in all over the world. Especially with bogie Suspension system can work at Hills Road.

Flat Bed Semi-Trailer can also work together with the inland cargo box to be an Dry Logistics box semi-trailer, with a freezer to be a Cold Chain Logistics Refrigerated semi-trailer for fresh or frozen cargos, with an Tankerer to be a Energy LogisticsTanker Monoblock Tankerer semi-trailer, With Side Pillars can be a log transport vehicles for huge or small logs.

Totally , Flat Bed Semi-trailers is a another friendly trailer friends , can make friends with most of the cargo Holders and can refit for many situation and logistic demands.